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Ludwig van Beethoven lived from 12/16/1770 to 3/26/1827. He was born in Bonn Germany. He was the oldest living son of his parents. His father taught him to play the violin other instruments. He did this in hope that Beethoven would become a famous child musician like Mozart. Even though Beethoven’s father hoped this it did not happen when Beethoven was young. Then time went by until he was a young adult. Beethoven at this age learned the piano and became the students of several musicians including Mozart. During this time he began writing musical pieces. He moved to Venice Austria where he made friends with the wealthy and upper class. He lived by himself and spent his time composing with financial support from friends. After Beethoven had written several compusitions he started to go deaf. He eventually became fully deaf. In spite of this Beethoven continued to compose.

Beethoven in his life composed many musical pieces, symphony, and he even composed an opera. He sometimes worked on multiple musical pieces at once and finished some years after he started them. In the beginning of his carrier he composed musical works quickly but as the years went by he was a lot slower as he made his work a lot more complex. His symphonies presented music similar to the classical period but improved. He continued composing until his death in March 26, 1827. Beethoven is still known for his symphonies today. Though time has gone by he has still remained one of the most famous composers.

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Beethoven, For Elisa - Für Elise (complete)

Beethoven, For Elisa - Für Elise (complete)


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